My 2021 Round-Up

Sitting here and reflecting on the year that has passed, I came to realise that although our lives have been flipped upside down as a result of all of the Covid restrictions and guidelines; 2021 was still a pretty good year!

  • I turned 25 and celebrated at home with close friends and cocktails.
  • Me and Jake celebrated 10-years together with cute surprise gifts! We set up a challenge so each of us had to buy the other person their favourite snack, favourite drink, something that you know they will like, something that reminds you of them and something of their favourite colour! This was super sweet and very enjoyable!
  • We went out on the town for Bella and Anthony’s birthdays. We enjoyed lovely food at Cosy Club and cocktails at an amazing little Pirate Bar on the Albert Docks!
  • We re-homed Kida (Bean) – Our beautiful, chaos causing, tabby cat.
  • Then it was Jakes birthday! Me and him stayed in The Hilton for three nights and our friends came to meet us for a great night out; with lots of drinks and dancing!
  • We were able to go to our weekly Quiz Nights again!
  • We stayed in a beautiful cottage in Wales for Bekka’s birthday, with stunning views and a private hot tub.
  • We threw an amazing Halloween party to make up for the previous year.
  • We went out for Bonfire night and enjoyed a great firework display whilst playing fair ground games and winning prizes.
  • We did Christmas shopping at Cheshire Oaks with friends.
  • Bella and Anthony tied the knot! In a beautiful ceremony followed by lots of alcohol and celebrations.
  • We went for High Tea with Bella’s family whilst they were here from The States for the wedding.
  • We decorated the house for Christmas and watched the cat pull down the tree on more than one occasion!
  • We opened our stockings on Christmas Eve with lots of yummy food and drinks.
  • Christmas Day was amazing. We seen friends and family and exchanged presents and made memories.
  • We spent Boxing Day with my family, we played games and took shots before ending the night with karaoke.
  • I tested positive for Covid.
  • We will spend tonight bringing in the New Year, just the four of us, with lots of party food and multiple bottles of fizz!
  • And we are ready to take on 2022, no matter what is thrown our way!

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