I Found You – By Lisa Jewell

I recently read this book as part of Emily’s Breakfast Book Club! It is not something that I would have picked out for myself, but I am very happy to have read this book!

Title: I Found You
Author: Lisa Jewell
Genre: Fiction / Crime, Thriller & Mystery
Where to Buy: Amazon / Waterstones / Apple Books
Rating: 5*

I am not a very fast reader compared to some people, but I completed this book in three sittings.
I really enjoyed the layout of this book. Throughout, we follow three different stories, neatly separated into short, sweet chapters, making it easy to follow.

The three stories include:

  • Alice – A single mum of three, living in a quiet beach town with her children and her dogs, making ends meet by selling her homemade art. When her simple life takes a mysterious turn… One day, she spots a man sitting out on the beach in the rain, he has been sat in the same place for hours on end when she finally decides to approach him.
    She is greeted by a confused man, who has no memory as to who he is, or where he has come from…
  • Grey and Kirsty – Two teenage siblings on a family holiday in Ridinghouse bay. A typical family enjoying their time together, going on day trips, going out to eat and enjoying the beach whatever the weather… when their fun, happy holiday takes a dramatic turn for the worse.
  • Lily – A newly married young woman who have moved to the UK from Kiev to be with her new husband. She has that picture perfect relationship… a doting husband, a nice new flat, a fresh start… but is it all too good to be true?

I enjoyed reading each of these characters stories, each holding their own secrets, slowly unfolding as the pages kept turning.
As I read on, I started to piece things together and soon realised that all three stories were connected in some way or another! I found myself changing my theories multiple times throughout this book, with twists and turns and sudden bursts of information from chapter to chapter. It was a very engaging, adventurous read that I wish I could read again for the first time!

This was the first Lisa Jewell book that I have read; and it has certainly made me want to read more of her work!

Have you read any Lisa Jewell books?
Are there any that you would recommend?
Let us know in the comments below!

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