New Year Hopes

And in the blink of an eye a whole year had passed! We are officially in 2023… Here is how I hope mine to look…

2022 was a good year for me, so it may be a tough one to beat! We had two amazing holidays (Croatia and Berlin), we had many family get togethers, including two weddings, we had endless days out and game nights with friends and we welcomed a new baby cousin to the family! It was a year filled mostly with happiness and I can only hope that 2023 is the same or better!

My Goals:

  • I know we all say it at the start of a new year… but I want to get myself back at the gym and back into a routine. I lost a good amount of weight with a Personal Trainer in 2021… but 2022 was not so great! I am not currently at the heaviest that I have ever been and I am unhappy in my own skin and I want that to change this year! I want to be able to look in the mirror and smile again, I want to be able to buy the clothes that I WANT to wear and not the clothes that I feel will hide away the parts of me that I don’t like, I want to be confident again!
  • I want to continue spending time with friends and family, the people around me are so important to me and I want to continue making memories with them! This will hopefully include a holiday in August for Bella and Anthony’s wedding!
  • I want to travel with Jake more! I love our holidays, whether they be abroad or here in the UK and I would really love more of those.
  • I want to visit the Book Town in Wales for my birthday!
  • I want to start looking at getting our own house (we are praying for a price crash in the housing industry!)
  • I want to read more books! I read 27 last year and I am aiming for 30 or more for 2023!
  • `I need to learn to put myself first, engage in more self-care, walk away from the people who hurt me or those who do not care for me, rather than continuing to forgive and putting myself into a vicious circle. I want to learn to stand my ground and do more of what makes me happy.

I hope that you all have an incredible year!
No doubt we will all have our ups and downs, but the downs are what make the ups feel so great!
Whatever happens, you are not on this rollercoaster alone. Please remember that you can reach out to us if you need someone to talk to, or if you require some support and guidance.

Have Hope Always,

Aimee xo

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