The Shadows We Keep: By Cindy Dawson – A Review

I was lucky enough to be sent the ARC copy of this book ahead of release!
It is not usually the type of book that I would pick up, so I was not quite sure of what to expect… but I certainly was NOT expecting this…

A stalker romance, but from both sides!
This instantly drew me in as it is so unusual for both parties to be stalking each other!

Kiera is a strong, sassy woman. The kind of woman many of us would love to be!
She comes across Harkin, an attractive, sweet but deadly man who she cannot get enough of. So much so, that she moves into an apartment just across the street from him so that she can watch his every move.

When they eventually meet, Harkin is taken in by Kiera’s looks… mainly due to the fact that she looks exactly like his dead ex-girlfriend!
Queue his obsession…

The two become equally as obsessed with one another and so their budding romance begins. The type of romance that will have you a little hot under the collar! But everything is not quite as it seems.

They both have dark, deep secrets that they do not want to come to the surface, buried deep in the shadows of their minds.
But when their enemies come for them, all is threatened to be revealed… can their love and their obsessions survive such secrets?

This book is filled with twists, turns, characters to die for and so much more! I cannot wait for book number two!

You can get your copy now over on Amazon!
It is free on Kindle unlimited or can be purchased for £4.99
A paperback copy is also available for £18.99
*Prices correct at time of posting*

You can also keep up to date with Cindy Dawson, the lovely, talented author of this novel, over on Instagram!

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