Never Give Up Day

Sometimes we all need a little reminder or a little push to keep us going. Sometimes it can feel as though we are going around in circles or simply not moving at all; which in turn can leave us feeling like giving up!
Well, today is Never Give Up Day, and here are some stories to show you that perseverance is often key!

  1. The Endless Interviews: I went through a really rough patch, as I am sure many people did, after the pandemic. I was placed on furlough for month after month, which seemed like a nice little break at first, until the overwhelming boredom set in. Then, on my return to work, my boss called a meeting where they informed us that there would need to be major cut backs and sadly the majority of my department were made redundant. So I was sent straight back home, back to the indent on my sofa in front of the television. I waited a couple of weeks (as I was lucky to have a decent redundancy pay to carry the bills), and then I started to apply for new jobs. This seemed never ending. I must have applied for over 30 jobs over the course of five or six months. There were many jobs that simply did not get back to me at all, there were many who turned me down, there were many who offered interviews but never offered me the role. I felt like I was on a carousel that had no stop button!
    I was just about to give up, I was very close to heading to my local job centre, enrolling for job seekers allowance and giving up. But just as I was about to make that call, my phone rang. It was one of the many companies who I had applied for, calling me to offer me an interview… but not for the Deputy Head Teacher role I initially applied for… they wanted to interview me for Head Teacher! I was so shocked, as I applied to them roughly a month prior.
    I attended the interview, which went amazingly well. In fact, it was one of the best interviews that I have ever had. I felt so welcomed and valued, everyone was very friendly and the general environment felt bright and happy. After my interview, they offered me the job on the spot! I of course accepted and started the following week! It was a very long, exhausting and mentally draining process, but the hard work and perseverance most certainly paid off! – Anonymous, 34.
  2. Recovery after the Storm: When I was younger, maybe 13/14 years old, I tried to take my own life after being subjected to what felt like a never ending cycle of bullying. After this failed attempt, I approached my one and only close friend and their parents, as I was never close with my own, and I told them what I did and I asked for their help.
    They had me admitted to a mental health ward, they explained everything to me in as much detail as possible and I was terrified. They told me they would visit me as much as they were allowed and that they would also speak with my parents to let them know what was happening.
    There were days that were much harder than others, days where I wanted to give up, stop the meds, go home and finish what I started… but I didn’t, I pushed through and I worked hard and I spoke about how I was feeling with both the doctors and my friends parents. My parents never showed, which definitely set me back a few steps… but again, I kept fighting.
    After approximately 3 weeks under 24 hour supervision, this dropped down, meaning I was able to have some time alone during the day to enjoy some of the communal activities on the hospital ward and was also allowed to leave the facility for a couple of hours as long as I was with someone I was comfortable with.
    After another 3 weeks, I was discharged from the ward, providing I could stay with my friends family as they were now my new support system. They were kind enough to take me in and treat me as their own.
    I had weekly appointments and check-ins for a while after and was also going to regular group therapy sessions which I actually started to look forward to! Fast forward to the age of 28 and I am happily married, in a stable job, with a baby on the way! It is a place I never thought I would be. I still have the odd bad day, but I have learned how to deal with these in a safer way and I am not scared to reach out for additional help as and when it is needed. You can get through the dark times, it will be hard, but it will be worth it. Keep going. – Max, age 28

Thank to so much to our two guest posters for sharing their stories with us. We hope that they have given a little bit of motivation and guidance to anyone who may be struggling right now, whether it be with their mental or physical health, education, work, family life or more. Remember to have hope always, keep going, ask for help and support, lean on those around you, you will get to where you need to be in time.

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