Nora Goes Off Script by Annabel Monaghan – A Review

I read this book as part of a Book Club that I am in (The Breakfast Book Club!) It would not be something that I would usually go for myself, but I have to say I really did enjoy it!

This was a really lovely summer time book, an easy read, filled with laughter, banter, hope, family, love and much more.

Nora’s ex was a bit of a waste of space, he never truly valued Nora or his children and eventually he up and left to in the hope to better his own life without them.
Nora is making a living by writing the scripts of cheesy romance movies, whilst also looking after the kids and their home. When she decides to change things up and write about herself and her ex and what happened the day that he left, she was not expecting the film producers to bite!
They decided to turn the script into a movie, using some of the biggest current actors and even Nora’s tea house to make it come to life.

But when big time movie star Leo Vance offers Nora £1,000 per day for him to stay at her Tea House after the movie was finished filming… she never imagined what could happen next.

A heartwarming story with lots of banter and relatable content. I enjoyed this so much, that I ordered another book by this author straight after finishing this one!

4* Read

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