Scare City – A Review

We recently ventured into the abandoned Camelot theme park for a Scare City Event… this is how it went!

When we arrived we directed to the next available parking area, with a short, but dark walk to the main entrance of the event. When we walked in, there were a couple of fairground rides, lots of lights, a mini food and drink stall and music playing. We skipped out on the rides as we felt that they were a little on the expensive side, and we headed straight for the event queue.

The queue went down very quickly and when we got to the front, we just had to show our tickets and sign a disclaimer form before continuing through onto the haunted walk-throughs!

There were ten walk-through areas to get through, with a bar and food area around half-way through.

Overall, I would not say that this event was very scary. There were maybe 2 houses that made me jump and this was mostly to do with the element of surprise and the strobe lighting making it hard to see what was coming at you!
The last walk-through was however very fun… They set this out like a game, where you had to run through a zone of zombies when the light shone green and you had to freeze when the lights turned red. While you were stood still, frozen in place, the zombies would come and get all up close and personal to try and scare people and make them move. It felt like we were in Squid Games!

I have to say, I enjoyed the bar and food area, there was music and some of the actors / characters were dancing with the crowd, while others performed fire shows on a little stage. This was fun and laid back and it felt very cosy. The prices however… not so much (£7.00 for a pint!)

Overall, we did have fun, it was something different and it got us out of the house for a couple of hours! However, there is definitely room for improvement to make it more scary!

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