Decorating the Tree

Last night, Jake decided it was time to get our Christmas decorations out! I myself have not been feeling the Christmas Spirit this year, which is really unlike me. I am usually in full-blown Christmas mode as soon as Halloween is over but for some reason, I am struggling with it this year.

Me, Jake and our two friends Anthony and Bella put on the Christmas songs and started putting up the tree.
Now this tree is filled with pink and silver baubles, ribbon, Christmas crackers and lots of random, fun and sentimental ornaments from each of us. I love how full and unique it looks each year as we add more and more decorations to it.

Me and Jake have lots of personalised pieces with our names on, a photo bauble and some decorations from our holidays together. This year we have a new ornament which reads ‘Last Christmas as Mr & Miss 2023’ and I love it!

Bella has lots of beautiful homemade ornaments from family, a tradition in her family is that they each receive an ornament as a gift each year, meaning that she has accumulated some really unique pieces!

Anthony has some really nice wooden Christmas houses as well as a very pretty ribbon and a string of Norwegian flags which were given to him by Bella’s Step Dad.

So as you can see, our tree is very different!

I love how cosy the living room feels with the Christmas lights and decorations out, I just hope my Christmas Cheer appears soon!

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