Christmas Book Recommendations

We love to read over here at SeeTheUniverse, so it is only fitting to have a Christmas Book Recommendation post as part of Blogmas!

Aimee’s Recommendations:

I have not read many Christmas books, but the ones that I have read were really cute and easy reads!
I have read two out of three of Matt Haig’s Christmas Trilogy and I loved them both. Yes, these are classed as children’s books, but they are not childish at all. They are nice, fun, easy, festive reads that can be enjoyed by all ages. The three books in the trilogy are:
– A Boy Called Christmas
– The Girl Who Saved Christmas
– Father Christmas and Me

And yes, I plan on reading the last book this year!

This second recommendation is definitely an adult book.
It is by three very talented authors, A.V Davenport, May Lily Fire and P. Lloyd, and it is called Smut Actually.

Now, it really is in the name with this one!
The book is based around Christmas time and it is filled to the brim with some saucy scenes. Each chapter follows different characters and different stories, but they all come together by the end of the book in such a fitting way!

If you enjoy a little bit of spice, then this is the book for you!

My last recommendation is for the crime/mystery lovers!
I have been working my way through ‘Autumn Chills’ by Agatha Christie, which is a collection of her short stories… and it turns out she has a collection for every season! Her Winter collection is called Midwinter Murders and I would highly recommend dipping into this, this Christmas!

M-J’s Recommendations:
M-J works in our local library, so they have been on the look out for some Christmas reads!
They came across The Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan and said that it looked really interesting. This book came out in 2021 and now has a sequel which came out this year, called Midnight at the Christmas Bookshop! So if you love cosy Christmas reading, this may be the duo for you.

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