Life Update

Hi everyone!
It has been quiet here again and I firstly wanted to apologise for that; I am hoping to start posting regularly again starting from now!

The reason it has been quiet is simply because our lives have been HECTIC since the wedding.
We went to Morocco for 10-days, which was absolute heaven! When we got home, we instantly started house hunting for our first official home… and within a week we had found our dream house. We placed our offer and we were accepted! So we are currently in the middle of a shed load of paperwork for solicitors and fees to pay and a whole bunch of other boring bits that I will spare you from for now!

We are still waiting for our Lender to give us the green light and for the surveying to be conducted on the house; so we are trying not to get overly excited just yet, but it is looking really good so far!

Now that our side of the paperwork is complete (for now), I finally have some breathing space and am looking to be more present over here again.

If anyone would like to help by contributing guest posts and/or ideas please feel free to contact me:

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