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My Letter to Santa

My Letter to Santa

Dear Santa… it has been a while since I wrote you a letter, I apologise for that. 

You see, growing up is a strange thing. From being small and open-minded, believing that absolutely anything could be possible… to growing older and not noticing your mind slowly closing and your thousands of beliefs turning into just hundreds. 

As a little girl, I believed in you and every Christmas that I ever had was magical and heart-warming! I would receive presents from my family and friends and there would always be one signed from you and Rudolph too. I remember the feeling of pure excitement when I realised that you had been. I would leave food out for you and the reindeer on the night of Christmas Eve along with a letter wishing you a Merry Christmas and thanking you in advance for my presents on Christmas Day. When Christmas morning arrived I would run straight to the fireplace, as fast as my tiny little legs would carry me, just to see if you had eaten the food and responded to my note. You would always leave a tiny bite of food and say that you couldn’t possibly have eaten it all because you wouldn’t be able to eat the food that other boys and girls had left out for you. 

As I got older, I slowly began to realise that the handwriting on the notes you would leave was very similar to my Mum’s writing… No one ever came out and told me that you weren’t real, I guess I just grew out of it? But I think that is the best way because I had years of magical Christmases and I was able to take part in the fun myself when my little brother came into the world! I would still leave food out for you, knowing that me, my Mum or my Dad would be the ones to eat it after my brother had gone to bed! I would still spread reindeer food around the garden so that you could find your way to us if the weather was not good. I would still read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ on Christmas Eve and get excited for the day ahead of us. I even continued to leave you letters, knowing it was my mum writing back to me.

Despite knowing all of these things, Christmas has still felt magical for me. I think that is because I grew out of my belief in you rather than being told by other children or by my parents. Even though I know that you do not really bring presents on Christmas Eve, I still go to bed full of excitement, joy and love.

I overheard two parents talking the other day, saying that their daughter is 8 years old now and still believes in Santa and that it is time to tell her the truth… But I disagree. There is no harm in letting your children enjoy the magic of Christmas for as long as they possibly can. They will find out eventually either through friends or simply by growing out of it and realising that it isn’t true. They will grow up appreciating all of the efforts that you went through to make Christmas feel magical and they will continue the same traditions with their little ones in the future (at least I know that I will!)

I hope that the myth of you continues to spread joy and laughter to little ones across the world for many years to come.

I want to thank you for being present in my life through my parents. I have so many fun memories that bring me butterflies to this day and they will be with me for the rest of my life! I cannot wait to introduce my future children to you and make their Christmases magical as my parents did for me. 

Merry Christmas, from Aimee xo

Hot Chocolate Recipes

Hot Chocolate Recipes

I love a good hot chocolate when the weather starts getting colder! Right now I am loving the Hazelnut Hot Chocolate from Costa…

Over the last month or so I have tried various homemade hot chocolate recipes, two are plain and simple recipes, one is a slow cooker recipe and the last one is a cheesecake hot chocolate! I am going to share these recipes with you as well as reviewing them… If you decide to try some of these for yourself, please share pictures with me over social media (links at the end!)

The first hot chocolate recipe that I tried was a ‘Deluxe Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows’ by BBC Good Food. 


  • 600ml milk
  • 140ml double cream
  • 1006 chopped chocolate


Pour the milk, cream and chocolate into a pan and bring gently to boil, making sure to whisk throughout until smooth. Serve the hot chocolate in individual mugs and top with mini marshmallows, whipped cream and a little bit of grated chocolate!

My Thoughts:

This is your classic hot chocolate, smooth, creamy and chocolatey goodness! I personally like to put a handful of marshmallows on top of the hot cocoa and then put some whipped cream on top and dust it with a light coating of cocoa powder! The marshmallows melt from the heat and create a perfect gooey blend, a sweet treat before quenching your thirst!

The second recipe
is a Jamie Oliver recipe… I don’t particularly like Jamie Oliver, but I thought I would try this recipe as he titled it ‘The Best Hot Chocolate’, and I wanted to see how true that was!


  • 565ml milk (semi-skimmed) or full cream
  • 2 tablespoons of good-quality drinking chocolate
  • 1 handful of marshmallows
  • sugar (optional, to taste)

Method: Serves 2 

Pour milk into a pan and bring to simmer (not boil!), while heating put a tablespoon of chocolate drinking powder and sugar (if using) into each mug. Then add a small amount of warm milk into each mug, just enough to dissolve the powder and then add some marshmallows to each mug.

When the rest of the milk is simmering, pour it into a large flask (so that it fills up to halfway), screw on the lid and shake hard for 1 minute. Remove the lid and pour into the mugs, give them a stir and you are ready to serve!

You can top the hot chocolate with toppings of your choice (whipped cream, chocolate sauce, flakes, marshmallows… whatever you like!)

My Thoughts:

I would not call this ‘The Best Hot Chocolate’… but it certainly wasn’t the worst.
It tasted quite basic, so I feel it was a little too much effort to make, however putting the Marshmallows into the mug with warm milk before adding the hot cocoa was a pretty good idea.

The third hot chocolate

is a slow cooker recipe! I had the idea of making this on Boxing Day as my mum and dad host dinner for the family as is can serve up to 10 people and can be put into the fridge for another day!

This recipe was found on


  • Whole Milk (1450ml)
  • Heavy Cream (480ml)
  • Cocoa Powder (21g)
  • Pure Chocolate (226g)
  • Sugar (to taste)
  • Vanilla Flavouring/Extract (2 teaspoons)

Method: Served 9-10 cups!

Place all of the ingredients into the slow cooker and whisk vigorously to mix in the cocoa powder as much as possible as you do not want it to be floating on the top. Keep whisking the mixture until it is all combined together and then cook on low for 6 hours (or high for 4 hours) making sure to whisk it every 45-60 minutes, ensuring the chocolate does not burn to the bottom of the cooker.

Serve warm with your choice of toppings! You can store any leftover hot chocolate in the refrigerator, heating it up on the stove or in the microwave when you want it.

My Thoughts: 

I have not had the time to do a practice run of this one… so fingers crossed it all goes well for Boxing day! It sounds delicious and I cannot wait to taste it.

If any of you lovely lot manage to give this a try beforehand… please let me know how it goes!

The last hot chocolate recipe

that I found was a cheesecake hot chocolate! This recipe stood out to me as it was very different and my partner loves a good cheesecake…

This recipe was found on


  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 ounces which chocolate
  • 2 ounces cream cheese, cut into 16 pieces
  • Graham cracker crumbs and whipped cream (I chose to use digestive biscuits instead!)

Simmer the milk over a medium heat, once it is simmering, turn the heat to low and add vanilla extract and cream cheese and stir until it has melted. Whisk in the white chocolate until the mixture is smooth. Serve the hot chocolate immediately, add whipped cream and crushed up biscuits to finish!

My Thoughts:

Again I have not had time to do this one yet, but I am super excited to give it a try. I may wait until the new year and then attempt it as a sweet treat one cold wintery weekend in with the other half.

If anyone has tried this one, please send pictures and let me know what you thought!


So these are just a couple of hot chocolate recipes for you to try this Christmas! However there are thousands of variations available online, with different flavours and interesting twists, so please feel free to share any interesting recipes that you have came across. 

Christmas and Mental Health

Christmas and Mental Health

Christmas is fast approaching! Some of us are super excited… while others are faking a smile.

It is important to remember that mental health conditions do not take a break during the festive season. They are illnesses and illnesses do not have an off switch. It is okay to have bad days, no matter what time of year we are in, please do not feel as though you have to hide your emotions because it is Christmas… your emotions are still important, they are valid and they matter. If the Christmas season is getting too much for you, take a step back! It is important to look after yourself.

People would not expect someone with a physical illness to ‘just get over it’ because it is Christmas… so they should not expect that from those who are struggling with their mental health.

The holiday season can be difficult for many people, some do not have family and friends to celebrate the holidays with, some people are too anxious and nervous to attend festive events, some wake up in the morning and have zero motivation to get out of bed so they go back to sleep. Some find eating large dinners and drinking around the table with loved ones to be daunting. The point I am trying to make is that Christmas is not a happy time for everyone. Mental health conditions will still be present, they cannot be forgotten about for the day, so it is important to look after the people around you and show love and understanding no matter how they choose to spend the season.

If you are struggling, please do not feel guilty. We all know that you wish you could turn it off… but we all understand that it is not that simple.

Put yourself first, spend the holidays in a way that you feel comfortable with and make sure to check in on your loved ones as you never truly know how they are feeling.

You are never alone, there are millions of people out there who understand what you are going through and there are plenty of people willing to be there for you.

Here at SeeTheUniverse, we run a Christmas Project to help people feel less alone during the Christmas holidays.

You can read more about that here!

You can also join our Facebook group, which is designed to help people to connect, share and support! The link for that is here!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year,

Take care of yourself and Have Hope Always

From Aimee xo

Favourite Christmas Movies

Favourite Christmas Movies

Everyone knows I love Christmas and I spend the entirety of the year waiting until it is acceptable to watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas songs! So I am super happy to be watching all of my favourites!
Yet I know so many people who do not watch a single Christmas film during the holidays… shocking I know! 

Anyway, here are some of my favourites and why I love them so much:

  • The Polar Express – I adore this movie. It is definitely a much watch during the Christmas holidays! It is such a fun, heart-warming movie with a great story. Every year when I was in school I would have friends over to watch it before Christmas. And then as I got older it became a family thing each year! We even went to a drive-in cinema last year to watch it. I am yet to see it this year, but it is 100% on the cards.
  • The Grinch – A classic Christmas movie that the entire world must see. I know there are many people who hate this film… but I am not one of them! I think the Grinch has a brilliant story behind it and not only is it an enjoyable film to watch but it teaches young ones to treat everyone with kindness, or ‘treat people in the way that you would like to be treated’.
  • Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer – Okay so this movie is only 50 minutes long, but it is one that I have loved since I was just 4 years old. This is a cartoon film, but it is fun to watch! It has catchy songs, a good storyline and it is full of Christmas cheer… if you have not seen this film, please find it and give it a watch!
  • It’s A Wonderful Life – I am assuming this is on everyone’s list for the best Christmas movies of all time. I refuse to accept otherwise. This is such an amazing film with an incredible story, EVERYONE must watch this movie at least once.
  • Elf – This also just had to make the list. I never watched this one last year, but I will definitely be watching this year! It is a comedy packed Christmas movie, full of Christmas spirit and a joy to watch.
  • The Princess Switch – I recently watched this one on Netflix and I loved it. More of a romance movie than a Christmas movie, but brilliant nonetheless!
  • Arthur Christmas – An animated Christmas film, perfect to watch as a family, as a couple or on your own! I really did enjoy this one, it was packed with action, comedy and festive cheer!
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas – Though some people wouldn’t class this as a Christmas movie, I certainly do! It is simply brilliant and if you have not seen it, you must do so immediately.
  • Miracle on 34th Street – A classic heart-warming Christmas film, full of magic and love. I can’t wait to watch this again!

Okay, enough of my Christmas favourites! I would love to know some of your favourite Christmas movies, so let me know in the comments below!

I am looking forward to watching The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix with my family this year as it looks amazing! If you have watched it, what are your thoughts?


My Favourite Christmas Songs!

My Favourite Christmas Songs!

So you are probably all aware that Christmas Songs are well and truly in full swing now! And there are many that we know and love as well as many that some of us may hate… I would love to know what your favourite Christmas Song is, leave a comment below and let me know!

Here are my favourites:

  • Candy Cane Lane by Sia – This song is new, fresh and catchy! It is impossible not to bop along to this Christmas song.
  • Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass by All Time Low – Very festive title right? Yeah you may have guessed that this is not your typical Christmas song but I absolutely love it and I have to admit, I listen to this one all year round.
  • Mistletoe by Justin Bieber – Yep I said it. I am not a fan of JB before you all jump to conclusions, in fact I cannot stand him… but this is a decent Christmas song so it made the list.
  • One More Sleep by Leona Lewis – I was a huge fan of Leona Lewis for quite some time and I do tend to listen to her songs every now and again and her Christmas song is a good one!
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Michael Buble – I will always love Michael Buble and I adore his Christmas album. This song is so relaxing and beautiful to listen to and it warms my heart!
  • All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey – A classic. There are loads of people out there who hate this song, but it will always be a favourite of mine to sing along to.
  • Last Christmas by Wham – Another classic! I love this song, I am a sucker for love songs and Christmas songs… so combining the two together is the way to my heart.
  • Rocking Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee – This is a much-loved song, catchy and jolly, what more could you want?
  • Let It Snow by Dean Martin – I love singing along to this one, especially when it comes on the car radio!
  • Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens – Classic, happy and fun Christmas song… Everyone likes this one right?
  • Fairytale of New York by The Pogues – It would not be a post about Christmas songs without this one making an appearance. This is such an amazing Christmas song, not your happy go lucky kind, but still loved by millions of people! This is a brilliant song and nothing will ever change my mind on that. I love singing this one with family and friends.

Okay so the truth is, I could go on with this for quite some time as I love Christmas songs so much, so I will leave it here! Do let us know what your favourite Christmas songs are in the comments below.

My Christmas Memories!

My Christmas Memories!

Christmas has always been about family for me! I have so many amazing memories from Christmas over the years, so I thought with Blogmas being in full swing, I would share some of my favourite memories with you all! 
Please feel free to share your favourite Christmas memories in the comments below!

So as you can see from the header image, I remember dancing at Christmas time (most years to be honest!) In the picture above, you can see my beautiful mum teaching me the macarena! I also remember one year when we were decorating the Christmas tree and we had one of the music channels playing on the TV and I remember it playing The Ketchup Song and S Club 7’s Reach… I was standing on the couch dancing away whilst putting hanging baubles and candy canes up on the tree! We then found a good Christmas music channel and continued dancing around the tree!

I also remember spreading ‘reindeer food’ in the garden to help Santa and his reindeer find their way to my house on Christmas Eve… me and my little brother would do this every year! But he is too ‘grown-up’ for that now!
We would also leave food and drink out for Santa, and write a letter to him and when we would wake up on Christmas morning there would always be a reply!

I used to love watching our old dog Pandora (the Dalmatian) open her presents! She would rip off the wrapping paper and then chew right through the packet or her present so that she could take out one of the tasty treats and take it to bed with her. She was so cute!

My mum and dad also have lots of pictures from me visiting Santa each year as a kid! They always make an appearance at Christmas time. Some of them are super embarrassing but the memories are priceless.

I used to love going to my primary school Christmas Fayre each year too! There would be different stalls set up in each classroom, from tasty treats and refreshments, to teddy bear stalls, Christmas decorations, raffles, arts and crafts and of course a Santa’s Grotto! It was always fun seeing all my school friends and their families there and all the money would go towards the school funds or sometimes towards a chosen charity!

Also in my school days, we would go over to the local care home to sing Christmas carols each year which was always such a heartwarming occasion. It was so nice to see smiles spread across the elderly people’s faces and they would always be so happy to see us and would cheer for us to sing more. Afterwards, we would have juice and biscuits with them and have some lovely conversations.

And we cannot forget about our annual school nativity play, can we? I used to love being part of the nativity plays each year, though I am pretty sure my Mum and Dad were sick of watching them by the time I left school… and then they had my little brother’s nativity plays to enjoy! I remember when I was in year 5, I was given the part of The Angel Gabriel and I had two solo songs to sing in the play. I was the youngest pupil to have played a main role in the nativity, so my parents were super proud… in fact I am sure they bought the video of the performance that year!

As I got older, I thought my Christmas cheer would fade away… but it never did! I am still a huge kid when it comes to Christmas! I love it so much.

I remember waking up at 6:30 in the morning and being way too excited to go back to sleep (I must have been 16/17 years old. I didn’t want to be the one to get up first, so I was trying really hard to wake my little brother up from my room by throwing things at the wall! It worked eventually and we all got up… the year after that I woke up early and decided it would be funny to stand outside my brothers room and scream ‘DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN???’, the reply I got was not what I expected… ‘GO AWAY I AM NAKED!’ – Though it did make him get out of bed and get dressed to come and open presents haha.

I remember years of Christmas dinners at my Grans house and my Grandad shouting ‘Here you are dogs!’ before throwing the leftover meat over his shoulder for them to eat… the year he passed away (2007) we were sat having dinner and suddenly my mum shouted ‘Here you are dogs!’ and she threw some meat across the room… we all instantly began laughing and it really lightened the mood and boosted our spirits.

I could go on forever and a day talking about my Christmas memories as they have all been wonderful.

In 2016, Jacob proposed to me on Christmas morning too! It was really sweet, he knows how much I love Christmas so he definitely picked the perfect time to pop the question. Definitely a memory I will have forever.

On that note, here are some pictures of me at Christmas time…



St Nicks Day (Poem)

St Nicks Day (Poem)

Today is St Nicks Day, so I thought I would write a short poem as part of my Blogmas posts! I hope you enjoy it. 


Colder days approaching
Jack Frost is creeping near
Christmas lights are glistening
Soon St Nick will be here

With pink rosy cheeks
And a beard full of snow
St Nick spreads joy and cheer
With a friendly ‘Ho Ho Ho’

With nine flying reindeer
And a red shining sleigh
The elves have packed the presents
St Nick is on his way!


Please do not forget to like this post if you enjoyed it and feel free to leave links to your Blogmas posts in the comments below as I would love to read them!

My Christmas Traditions

My Christmas Traditions

I have celebrated Christmas is the same way for as long as I can remember and I absolutely love it.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

On Christmas Eve we would get a nice hot bath or shower and put on our nice new pyjamas! Then we would spread reindeer rood in the garden to help Santa and his reindeer find their way and then we would leave food and drink by the fireplace with a handwritten note wishing Santa all the best. Then me, my mum, my dad and little brother would all sit on my brother’s bed and read Twas The Night Before Christmas together before going to bed to sleep. I loved these little traditions, sadly these are the ones we do not tend to do anymore with me being 22 and my little brother being 13!

However, there are many things which have remained the same!

Every year on Christmas Eve, Santa leaves present at the end of our beds or just outside of our bedroom doors, ready for us to find in the morning! When we wake up, we take our presents into Mum and Dads room, sit on the bed and open them up! When we have done that, my Dad goes to the living room and puts the fire on and starts making tea and toast for us all. Then when we follow him into the living room we are greeted with two separate piles of presents, one for me and one for my little brother. We wait for my Dad to come and sit down before we each dig into our gifts.

After all of our presents have been opened, we go and get dressed and ready to visit my Nan’s house! We always pick a present to take with us to show her. When we get there we exchange gifts and sit and have a good family natter before heading to my Grandma’s for Christmas Dinner!

At my Grandmas we exchange more presents while Christmas songs play in the background and the smell of our delicious dinner fills the house. Then at around 3pm we sit around the table and eat! There is always plenty of food to go around and lots of Christmas crackers to pull… not forgetting my Gran’s homemade trifle (which usually turns out one of two ways!)

After dinner, we play games and tell those awful Christmas cracker jokes! We often have a fun Christmas themed quiz to take part in too!

At the end of the day we head back home and put on our cosy PJ’s whilst watching Christmas shows or movies on TV before heading to bed.

Boxing Day!

Boxing Day is always great fun! My Mum and Dad make dinner for the family while me and my brother take a closer look at all of our presents! Jacob comes and spends the day/night with us too, so when he arrives we have more presents to exchange!

We always have lots of yummy snacks to pick at before our main dinner is served. We eat dinner and pull crackers around the table, sharing more terrible jokes and engaging in fun conversation… but after dinner is when the fun really starts!

When we have finished eating, my Mum presents us with more wrapped up gifts… now we have all become familiar with this concept so we are always aware that these gifts are jokey gifts! From tiny wind up toys to mini-puzzles… we never know what they are going to be! If we have wind up toys, we always have a race with them like a bunch of children and if we receive puzzles we have a competition to see who can complete theirs the quickest! It would not be Christmas without a bit of family competition!

Afterwards, we play games and stick the karaoke on whilst enjoying a couple of drinks and having a laugh. Another great day celebrating with the family.

This Year…

For the first time, my Christmas Day is going to be spent in a different way!

I have been with Jacob for almost 8 years now, and we have never spent Christmas Day together. This year we are both going to his Auntie Donna’s for dinner with his Dad’s side of the family.

I will still be waking up in my house on Christmas morning and visiting my Nan beforehand though, which will be nice!

I am looking forward to having dinner with Jacob and his family, it will be nice to see what their Christmas Day consists of. It will also be nice to see the little ones playing with their toys and celebrating with them.

It is going to be a tough year for us both this year, as Jacobs Nan passed away in February and my Grandad passed away in March this year. This is part of the reason why the two of us are spending the day with Jakes family, as it will be the first Christmas without his Nan being there, so it would be nice for us all to come together for each other.

I have never had Christmas Day dinner with my Nan and Grandad, so it is a little bit different for me. Although it will definitely feel strange visiting my Nans house on Christmas morning and exchanging presents without him being there. But both me and Jake have strong families and we come together at times like this and we make sure that we still celebrate things like this in the way that our loved ones would have wanted us too! So I am sure, despite everything, we will make the most of the Christmas Holidays together.



SeeTheUniverse Christmas Project!

SeeTheUniverse Christmas Project!

*Today’s Advent Calendar door revealed Eyeshadow primer! Again this is new to me, and I can’t wait to experiment*

It Will NOT Be Lonely This Christmas

For those of you who have supported my blog from the very beginning, you will be aware of our annual Christmas Project that began last year! For those of you who are new here, then you are about to find out everything you need to know!

SeeTheUniverse Christmas Project aims to be there for those who find the Holidays difficult, those who may feel lonely this time of year, or for those who simply enjoy interacting with others in a fun, non-judgemental environment! The project will be spread across three days, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day and it will include the following:

  • General chit chats
  • Fun Games and Activities
  • Prizes to be won
  • Quizzes
  • And more!

And the best part is, you don’t even have to leave your home!

If you would like to get involved, simply follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook Group: Universe Online! All the fun and games will be posted there throughout the days.

Our Facebook group has been that little bit more popular with other events we have run in the past, so that may be the best place to be, but I will be doing my best to keep both social media pages involved in the project!

Christmas is a beautiful time of year for many people… but for others, it may not be so enjoyable. It is important to try and involve as many people as possible in the fun and games this Christmas, spread some love and make people feel welcome! So I decided to host various activities online for people to enjoy! Not only will there be games, but there will also be opportunities to engage in conversations, share your experiences, thoughts and opinions with others, without the fear of being judged.

Joining our Facebook Group also has other perks! As there are always fun games and conversations taking place there as well as our monthly Facebook Friendlies (read more about those here!) There will also be a Raffle held on Boxing Day for the chance to win a £30 gift voucher to spend in various stores, just in time for the New Year Sales! So it is definitely worth joining.

The other links you need to know are:

Twitter – @SeeTheUniverse_

Facebook – Universe Online


Christmas Gift Ideas For Her!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Her!

*Today’s Advent Calendar door revealed illuminating setting spray, something I have wanted for a very long time! I can’t wait to practice with all my new makeup products*

Us ladies can be hard to buy for sometimes, so I thought I would put together a Christmas Gift Guide to help people out!

The Basics!

Again, smelly sets are great! And I will continue to recommend Boots for their lovely unique gift sets.

Boots run a 3 for 2 offer during the run-up to Christmas, with sets ranging from £5 to £50, accommodating for all budget types! Some of my favourite sets come from Soap and Glory, Ted Baker, Baylis and Harding and Jack Wills. I would also like to add that Boots 3 for 2 offer does not only include smelly sets, but also lovely make-up sets, hair product sets, cosy socks, mugs, slippers and more! Definitely worth a look!

Here are some of my favourite smelly sets that are available this year!

This lovely Soap and Glory Pink Credibles set comes in at just £10! It includes mini versions of some of their classic items such as the Clean on Me shower cream, the Scrub of Your Life body wash, Hand Food moisturiser and the Righteous Butter! As well as these lovely classic items, it also includes a Radiance Boosting Face Mask.

I am a huge fan of Soap and Glory so I would highly recommend their products as presents for all occasions… their classic scents smell simple yet beautiful! And their gift sets always look so presentable too!

I am yet to try their face masks, but I will be sure to write about them once I give them a go!

You can order yours here!

Those of you who know me, will know how much I adore Jack Wills products and if I was rich I am pretty sure both my wardrobe and my bathroom cupboard would be full to the brim with their stuff!! I also love body sprays… so when I discovered Jack Wills body sprays, I instantly fell in love! I received a huge Jack Wills set last year which had two of their body sprays included and they were amazing! I am secretly hoping that Santa pops these bad boys in my Christmas stocking this year…

This set of three Jack Wills sprays come in at £10 (although they are currently £7.50!)
They are three different scents, though they are equally as lush as each other.

These are great for keeping in your bag to use throughout the day or to use as an alternative to perfume, and they do tend to stay on for quite some time (especially when sprayed onto clothing).

You can buy yours here! 

Nivea also do some lovely sets! Although people tend to buy Nivea products for older people, I do not see why younger people would not like to receive such products!

This particular gift set includes the following items: Micellar Water (which I absolutely swear by if you want to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh!), Oil in Lotion, Rhubarb and Raspberry shower silk mousse, Smoothe Care Hand Cream, Pearly Shine Lip Balm and a shower puff! All incredibly beautiful and much-loved products!  This set will cost you £15, but you are definitely getting your money worth with this one.

You can buy yours here!

Some of the more expensive options are:

The Ted Baker Fragrant Bloom set containing body spray, hand cream, body wash, tinted lip balm, mascara and eyeshadow crayon. A lovely mixture of fragrance and beauty! This beautiful set costs £20 and comes in an adorable little box, making it look very presentable, perfect for a nice gift!

Ted Baker body sprays are often very flowery and sweet (which I adore!), this particular set contains mini versions of the items listed above, meaning the body spray is the perfect size to keep in your handbag or pocket! I do tend to take my Ted Baker spray with me when I am going out as it is a nice way to freshen up throughout the day/night!

Ted Baker make-up is usually great too! I am yet to try their eyeshadow crayons, but I can say that their mascaras are often brilliant! The one that I have at the moment comes with a rubber brush, and it goes on smoothly without any clumps sticking your lashes together (always a bonus!).

You can buy yours here! 

This next set will set you back by £45… but it is a stunning set that would make a gorgeous gift! This set is a Jack Wills set and includes body wash, body lotion, body scrub, body spray and a beautiful knitted scarf.

Again these are lovely scents! And the scarf is a gorgeous wintery colour and it stylish too!

If it is the scarf that draws you to this set… Jack Wills also have a smaller set costing £25 (though it is currently £18.75!) which includes a body spray and a grey knitted scarf!

You can find the £45 set here! 
And the £25 set here!

Jack Wills also do this stunning stationary gift set (which I have fell in love with!!) it comes with a cute bag, a notebook, a pen, some lip balm and a body spray! It costs £25 but I personally think that is a good price considering you get the bag with it!

Again I am secretly hoping that Santa knows me well enough to put one of these gift sets under my tree this year! But only time will tell.

This gift is perfect for someone who is always busy writing, planning or even just doodling! As a blogger, I adore receiving new stationery, so when I seen this set by one of my favourite brands, I instantly wanted to own it!

You can purchase yours here!

Cute Gifts Most Women Would Love!

Okay so I know I am not the only girl who appreciates cute little gifts like these…

New Look also have a 3 for 2 range this year which includes some rather cute gift ideas!

The first item that caught my eye was this glass mug and coffee syrup gift set. This set includes a latte glass with ‘Pop it like it’s Hot’ written across the front and a mini bottle of popcorn flavoured coffee syrup!
Now those of you who know me will know I love to treat myself to a flavoured latte every now and then, so this one really had me intrigued. Popcorn and coffee… what more could you want?

This set will cost you £12.99

You can get yours here! 


The next gift is a Christmas Hamper, which could work as both a Christmas Day present or a Christmas Eve box! It includes a ceramic mug with ‘Let’s Get Cosy’ written on the front, a pair of fluffy socks, an eye mask, a scented candle, some hot chocolate mix and some sweet popcorn. This is a lovely gift set, perfect for those cosy nights in during the winter months. It costs £19.99.

I really do love this set, it contains so many items that I enjoy! Fluffy socks are amazing, I will never not appreciate them, scented candles are to die for and my mug collection just shows how much I love cute mugs!

You can get yours here!

Llamas have become popular over the last couple of months… so if you know someone who has become obsessed with them, then this is the perfect cute and cosy gift for them!
This adorable little llama has a heat pack inside of it, meaning you can put it in the microwave and heat it up on those cold and frosty evenings!

For most ladies, hot water bottles and heat packs are a must have. Not only for the winter months but all year round (damn female organs!) So this little chap is perfect, it is not plain and boring, it is soft and cuddly and also cute! This comes in at £10.99
You can get yours here! 

I recently bought a pair of heat up sloths from New Look for £12.99, they are super cute and cuddly and could also be a great gift! You could even keep one half for yourself and gift the matching one! You can get yours here!

Speaking of sloths… I also came across this adorable hooded sloth blanket for £24.99 (also part of the New Look 3 for 2 range). This looks so cosy and soft, I think I would live in this blanket, I mean who wouldn’t want to walk around the house wearing this? I wish I had not seen this because now I seriously want one… oops.

You can get yours here!



Other Stuff You Can’t Go Wrong With!

  • Makeup! If you know they are into makeup, then there are plenty of lovely sets available to choose from in various stores. If they are fussy with the type of makeup they like to use then opt for a gift voucher instead, Boots have a wide range of makeup brands available so a gift voucher for there, or Superdrug would be a safe option! Or if you know what store they like to go to, them tailor your choice to suit them!
  • Hair products – I have seen some nice hair product sets jotted around this year too, so if you know someone who is forever buying hair products or experimenting with their hair, then this is also a great choice.
  • Underwear is a good choice too. If you are buying for your partner you could spice things up by buying a sexy lingerie set, or if you know what style they like, then buy them a nice pretty set that they can wear for any occasion! If you are buying for friends or family, then you could purchase them some cute fluffy socks or nice patterned ones! There are sets available that include hot chocolate mix, a mug and cosy socks, or hot water bottles with fluffy socks.
  •  Gift vouchers for their favourite clothing store is always a good gift. Especially with those New Year Sales approaching!
  • Jewellery! Most women like to be treated to some nice jewellery every now and then, so what better time to do so? There are loads of places that sell gorgeous items at decent prices, one of my favourite places is Warren James! But I also adore Pandora too.
  • Sweet treats! Can’t go wrong with a nice box of chocolates or a hamper of their favourite sweet treats for them to tuck into.
  • Alcohol… there are so many options available for this one! Gift sets, bottles, quirky shots and more.

I hope this gift guide was able to give you some ideas in time for Christmas! If you have any other suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments below!