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Morecambe with the Family

Morecambe with the Family

On bank holiday Monday, I messaged my mum to see if she wanted to do anything for the day as the weather was still beautiful and it would have been a shame to sit in the house all day while Jake was in work.

My mum came to pick me up early that morning and took me to back to her house where my little brother and my dad were having breakfast. They packed some snacks into a backpack and told me that we are going to Morecambe for the day! Morecambe is a lovely little seaside town with lots of little cafes, pubs and arcades to enjoy.

We all went in my dad’s car so we could drive with the roof down. My hair became all tatty and tangled in the wind, but it was such a nice breeze and we had the music blasting through the speakers as we sang along. The car journey took about an hour. When we got there, we parked up the car and headed towards the beach front. We walked along the front until we reached the pier and decided to walk down to the end.

The sky was bright blue, with seagulls flying high over the water. There was a strong breeze in the air, keeping us cool as the sun beamed down. The walk down the pier was lovely, with the water either side of us calm and still. There were people fishing from the sides of the pier, people walking their adorable dogs, children running around with their siblings and friends, everyone was smiling and enjoying the beautiful day.

Along the pier, there were various statues and games for people to interact with. There was a flat maze on the ground and a father and daughter were racing each other to see who could make it to the centre first (the father won, celebrating like he was a child himself). There was ‘magpies hopscotch’ with rules written in stone explaining how to play with multiple players. It was very unique!

After walking to the end of the pier and back, we decided to follow the promenade around to see where it leads. It was a decent walk but a pleasant one. We came across an outdoor paddling pool with little fountains throughout it. There were quite a few children and families playing in it and I could not help but join in! I took my shoes off and stepped into the water. It was much colder than I expected it to be, but it was nice and refreshing. My little brother decided to join me in the paddling pool too, splashing me in the process. There were so many puppies around, little baby labradors, staffies and dachshunds enjoying the sun and playing in the water.

Once we had had enough of the water, we put our shoes back on and headed back up the promenade towards the main shops again. There was a mini fairground on the grass and my little brother wanted to go on ‘The Hearts and Diamonds’ ride. He would not go on it alone so of course I was nominated to go on it with him! We got on the ride and picked a space to stand and whilst we were waiting for it to start I felt something crawl up the sleeve of my t-shirt. My mind instantly told me it was a spider, so I was trying to brush it out of my sleeve with my hand over the top of my clothing as I was too scared to look and see what it was. Then I feel a sharp sting on my shoulder and realise it is not a spider or a bug… but a damn wasp! Once it has attacked me, it flew out of my sleeve and went on its way to find its next innocent victim! Other than being stung, the ride was fun!

After the ride we headed to Costa for a drink, my mum and dad both chose a flat white, my brother chose a bottle of coke from the fridge and I chose a peach iced tea! It was so refreshing and it made those summer vibes that little bit stronger! Cold coffee and iced tea are perfect for when the sun is shining. Still getting that much-needed energy boost whilst keeping cool and refreshed.
Once we finished our drinks, we started walking back towards the car, stopping off at a little shop for some bite and sting cream for my shoulder!

Overall, we had a lovely family day out. We do not go out much with all of us together, so it was nice to spend time with everyone as well as enjoying the sun and taking pictures together.




Delamere Forest

Delamere Forest

Delamere Forest is a 40-minute drive from my hometown yet I very rarely visit. It is the largest woodland area in the country, full of beautiful trees, picnic areas, cafes, walking routes and a glistening lake. 

On Easter Sunday, me and Jake decided to take a trip to Delamere to enjoy a picnic and lap up the beautiful sunshine. We decided to invite some of our friends to join us on our little adventure, so we asked Anthony and his girlfriend Bekka and ginger Anthony (AKA Dexter) if they wanted to tag along. They all said yes, so we picked them up at 12 and we went on our way!

When we arrived we set off into the woods, not taking any particular walking route. It was already lunch time when we got there so we found a nice little picnic bench to have some food. Before we could sit down, Jacob tripped over the smallest rock in the woods and tumbled over and rolled across the ground as if he was doing a commando roll! Everyone laughed until they cried and then laughed a little bit more. Jake was fine, a couple of scratches and scrapes on his leg but nothing lethal!

Lunch was nice and refreshing, I enjoyed a pot of fresh fruit which went down a treat in this weather. Some of the others had sandwiches and other little snacks. It wasn’t long until we were back on our feet again. Further, into the woods, we went, following the paths and randomly choosing our direction when faced with crossroads!

We had absolutely no idea where we were going, but we were all happy and content in our exploring. We walked for an hour in various directions, up little dirt tracks, across small wooden bridges, up hills, down hills and across fields. Jacob managed to fall over again within this hour which definitely brought more laughs! Then the boys headed over to a large wooden gate where they stood and talked while enjoying the view… it was the perfect photo opportunity. 

The weather was 24° but the shading from the trees kept us cool. After some time, we found ourselves back where we started! Which was a relief as we thought we would have to go back the way that we came in order to do that! Once we reached the car park, we decided to stop and take a look at the map. There were a number of walking routes that we could take and the forest continued across the other side of the road. We decided to make our way to the information centre where one of the cafes are located.

Funnily enough, it took us 15 minutes just to get out of the car park after debating what way we were meant to be heading. The boys decided to cut through all the grass, thorns and nettles, me and Bekka did the sensible thing and walked around to the path. We made it there first and had the joys of standing and watching the boys struggle through their chosen route. Anthony and Jake went one way and Dexter went the other… Dexter came to a fallen down tree and stepped up onto the trunk. While he was observing the floor in front of him, deciding where to put his feet, he started to lose his balance. He grabbed onto two branches in front of him but they were not strong enough to save him and they snapped, leaving him to fall backwards off of the tree trunk, resulting in him disappearing into the nettles and bushes beneath him. Safe to say we almost wet ourselves with laughter. Dexter was fine, minus a few scratches and nettle stings! Once the boys had all made it to safety we continued on our travels. There was a lot of friendly arguments and banter along the way in regards to which way we needed to go. In the end, we split up, me, Bekka and Dexter went one way and Anthony and Jake went the other. Despite Jake calling me to say they found a cafe and beat us there; when we arrived we saw them walking towards us, therefore we made it first! It was not the cafe we intended to find but it was close enough. We stopped for a cold drink and an ice cream before continuing our walk to find the ‘viewing point’.

We walked for a good hour and a half, having to backtrack our steps a few times due to mistakes in our directions. We were going to give up, but the weather was still glorious and we had all the time in the world, so we pushed forward.

We walked up crazy steep hills, climbed over stiles, and walked along thin twisty paths, but we made it to the viewing point in the end and it was beautiful. We sat at the top for a little while, catching our breath and taking in the view that surrounded us.

We had such a beautiful day, tiring that’s for sure, but I didn’t stop smiling.

When it was time to head back down, we took a different route again, walking past a field full of cute little sheep and their baby lambs! We couldn’t help but stop and take pictures of them and watch them for a while. Within 15-20 minutes we found ourselves in a familiar place… the cafe where we had milkshakes and ice cream earlier! It was a 20-minute walk to the viewpoint and it took us an hour and a half to make it up there! We couldn’t help but laugh at ourselves. At least the views we saw along the way were worth it!

By the time we got back to the car, it was 7:30pm! We had spent a good six hours here. The day went by fairly quickly, but the memories we made will definitely stick around. We had, good company, beautiful weather and stunning views, what more could you ask for?


Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend

I don’t usually do much when it comes to Easter Weekend, but this year the weather has been incredible and I had the full weekend off of work, so it would have been a shame to waste it! 

On Good Friday, it was also my little cousin Lily’s 8th Birthday, so me and Jake went to her house for a BBQ and a couple of drinks. It was nice to see everyone and it was lovely seeing the kids enjoy the hot tub and party games. My baby cousin Rosie was also entertaining to watch as she ran around the garden in her beautiful new shoes and played on the slide and with the balloons (which were bigger than her!)

When we got home from the party, we were greeted by Jakes auntie Sara and her partner shouting us from their garden, telling us that Jakes mum was injured and was at their house. So instead of going into Jakes, we headed straight over to theirs. When we went in, everyone was sat in the garden and Jakes mum Kate was sat with her foot up on a stool with an ice pack over it and a cold glass of pink gin in her hand! She had fallen down the stairs earlier whilst getting ready for work and thought her ankle was broken… but who needs a hospital when you can take away the pain with gin and lemonade?

We stayed and had some drinks and lots of yummy food before heading back to Kates house later that evening. It was not until the next morning that Kate realised how bad her ankle was and decided that a trip to the hospital was definitely needed!

Whilst Kate was waiting in the hospital walk-in centre, me and Jake had a lovely walk around the little town centre and had a nice iced mocha to pass the time. When we went back to the hospital, we were informed that Kate’s foot was broken and she had an Avulsion Fracture, meaning she has to wear a boot and will be unable to work and drive for the next eight weeks! She will have to go back to the fracture clinic next week to have it checked again as there is still a chance that it will need to be put in a plaster cast.

Easter Sunday arrived before we knew it and the weather was getting better and better! So instead of sitting around the house all day, we decided to take a trip to Delamere Forest with a few friends. We arrived at 1:30 in the afternoon and we were there until 7:30 in the evening! We took a little picnic with us and enjoyed exploring the beautiful woodland areas. We managed to get ourselves lost a couple of times, but the weather was too nice to care. We laughed until we cried and I enjoyed every second of this lovely day. We even managed to take lots of beautiful pictures of the scenery around us. I will be posting a full detailed post about our trip to Delamere with more photographs!

It was a long and tiring day but one that we all enjoyed!

It is safe to say that I had a lovely weekend with friends and family, with lots of pictures taken for my scrapbook to remember forever.


I hope everyone had a lovely happy Easter and that you have all made the most of the beautiful weather!

Doctors Appointments and Uncomfortable Tests

Doctors Appointments and Uncomfortable Tests

So, I don’t often write personal posts like this on here and some may think that I am sharing too much information… but I feel as though this is something that needs to be shared. This could help someone else who is in a similar or worse situation to myself. I also need to get this off of my chest… so here it goes.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday for a cervical exam. I am 23 years old, so not quite old enough for a smear test. A couple of months back I was experiencing bleeding after intercourse, not every time, but it was still apparent. Then, at my next pill check, the nurse asked me if I had been experiencing any symptoms that I was concerned about… and so I told her. She advised that I book in for a cervical examination, however, no matter how many times I called the doctors surgery I could not get an appointment. In the end, I gave up trying. The bleeding stopped happening and so my worries went away.

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Paradise Island Mini Golf – A Review

Paradise Island Mini Golf – A Review

Last minute plans are often where some of the best memories are made!

A few of us went out for late birthday drinks last night (Saturday 16th March) and woke up this morning/afternoon with a desperate need for hangover food. So, me and Jacob took Anthony and Bella to Dinky Dory’s where we had some lunch and some delicious milkshakes!

Then we decided that we didn’t really want to go home afterwards, so we googled some activity ideas that would not require a whole lot of energy and came across Paradise Island Mini Golf, located in Manchester Trafford Centre and decided to take a trip there for the evening.

When we arrived, Anthony kindly paid for the four of us to enjoy two rounds of golf as the venue had two separate 18-hole courses to enjoy.

For one course the price per person was £8.50 or for £12.75 you could enjoy both courses! It was quite an enjoyable evening with lots of laughs to be had. Each of the holes was put together in a fun and quirky manner, with great attention to detail on the decor surrounding them. There was a theme running throughout the courses, with tropical island creatures and sounds all around us. There were not too many people there with it being a Sunday evening, so there was no waiting around between each hole. We were each given our own golf club and were able to choose our own coloured golf ball, making it easier to remember which ball was whose. We were also supplied with a scorecard and pencil for each game that we played.

At the end of each course, each player was given the opportunity to win a free game, by taking part in a 19th hole. In order to win you had to get your ball into the middle hole, if you miss, then your ball goes into the gutter and is returned to the front desk.

At the end of our first game, Jacob managed to win a free token on the 19th hole! But we were slightly disappointed to find that it was only free for the winning person and not the group. However, the token does not expire, so we are able to keep it until another time.

We were able to go for a coffee in between the two games, providing we kept our scorecard and receipt we would be able to come back in later in the evening to take part in our second game. So we took half an hour out to have a Costa before returning.

The winner of both games was Anthony! I came last in the first game but came second in our last game (with only 2 points between me and the winner!)

We all enjoyed our time here, the staff were friendly, the atmosphere was relaxed and fun, and overall, it was not that expensive per person either! We will definitely be returning in the future. Though we might try to get more of us so we can take advantage of the amazing package deal that they have to offer.

This deal costs £19.95 per person and it includes the following:

  • 1 round of 18-hole golf.
  • 2 games of bowling.
  • Token for the dodgem cars.
  • A winners trophy.
  • A losers booby prize.
  • Certificate for the winners and the losers on each bowling lane.
  • A meal from their ‘Basket Menu’

This is a very good price for all of the above. Although there is a minimum group size of 10 people in order to use this offer.

If you would like to take a look at Paradise Island and the various offers that they are currently promoting, you can check out their website here! 
There are various locations for Paradise Island too! So do make sure to check them out as there may be one a little bit closer to home for you.


Breakout Liverpool – A Review

Breakout Liverpool – A Review

So, today me, Jake, Anthony and Bella took part in the escape rooms known as BreakOut in Liverpool! There are 12 different themed rooms to choose from, each with various difficulty levels. Each room comes with a background story to make the game a little bit more exciting! We selected the ‘Shipwrecked’ room, which was given 3 out of 5 stars in regards to difficulty. The story behind this room was that the four of us were adventurous individuals exploring an island when we came across an old shipwreck belonging to the famous Captain Shivers. Once we entered the shipwreck, we discovered it was cursed and the only way that we could escape was by finding Captain Shivers most prized possession… a set of white pearls. We had one hour to solve a series of puzzles and find the missing pearls or we would be doomed to a watery grave for the rest of eternity!

Now… if you have come here for answers on how to escape the above room; you will be disappointed as I have no intentions on spoiling the fun for anyone!


As we entered the room, we instantly spread out and began to search for hidden clues. There were a number of wooden chests with a variety of different padlocks sealing them shut. There was also a problem to solve, which we could only do once all of the chests had been opened. In the back corner of the room, there was a dark jail cell, again this was sealed with a padlock! We were able to find some numbers hidden around the room and other clues to help us unlock the padlocks and allowing us to search the jail cell for further clues. We were provided with flashlights and pen and paper to help us along our way. After unlocking all of the chests and solving various puzzles, we discovered a secret room behind a bookcase. Inside this room, we were faced with more padlocks and strange clues increasing in difficulty as we became closer to breaking out.

There is a TV screen within each room which displays a countdown clock so that you are aware of how long you have left to escape. If you become very stuck, you may receive clues and hints via the TV screen.

We were given one clue throughout the game, which in the end made us laugh as the answer was staring us in the face the entire time. This was for the very last combination to open a small chest, which encased the last key for the hidden pearls!

We managed to escape the room with 6 minutes to spare! We had so much fun playing the escape room and we would definitely consider going back in the future. I may suggest to my family that we go and do one together, as it would be a very entertaining and interesting family day out.

For the four of us to play the escape room it cost £60, which worked out at £15 each! Not bad for an hour of fun and games. The price of the game changes depending on the day and time that you choose to attend. If there were 5 of us taking part in this particular game it would have cost £70, therefore, costing £14 per person.

You can check out BreakOut Liverpool here! They also have other locations with different rooms and themes, so do make sure to check for your nearest venue.

Double Date! – Bowling and Cinema

Double Date! – Bowling and Cinema

After having a lovely meal at Frankie and Benny’s with Jacob, the two of us went bowling with our friends Anthony and Bella.

We paid around £18 between us, for one hour of bowling. During that hour we just about managed to squeeze in two games!

The first game was a draw between me and Bella, whilst the second game was a draw between Anthony and Jacob! Therefore meaning we were all winners. And although we were all fairly competitive, we had a lot of fun.

Me and Bella decided to take full advantage of the bar, and ordered two bottles of Rekorderlig cider, mine was passionfruit flavoured and Bella’s was strawberry and lime. They were both very refreshing! I will definitely be drinking that again in the future.

When both of our games had finished, we all jumped into the photo booth to capture the memory. Mainly so I could have some pictures for my scrapbook, to add to my birthday pages. I absolutely love the pictures of me and Bella! And the group pictures just make me laugh every time I look at them. Memories to last a lifetime.

Once we had our pictures, we decided to go to the cinema to watch Escape Room, as we spotted a sign saying that all movies, every day, cost just £4.99! This was a 10:30 pm screening and I absolutely love late night cinema dates.
The movie was pretty good, though the ending could have been a little bit better than what it was. It had the same sort of vibe as the Saw movies (which I am a huge fan of!) It also strangely made us want to book an escape room together… you would think it would put you off of them for life!

After the movie, we started to head home. Though we spotted some strange, bright pink smoke in the sky and decided to take a detour to see what it was. When we got closer, we discovered that it was coming from greenhouses! Some kind of strange technique to grow flowers and plants without the need for soil. We had never seen anything like it! Safe to say we are all easily amused.

After enjoying our strange little detour, we got back in the car and headed for home once more. As we approached Edge Hill University, we asked Bella if she would like a tour of the grounds as she will hopefully be a student there this coming September. We parked up the car near the front entrance and began on our way. It was 1 in the morning at this point! But we gave a pretty good tour despite the majority of the buildings being closed for the night. We also met Campus Cat, who followed us around for the majority of our time there! He is super cute and tends to follow various students around in the hope of being let indoors for warmth, food and cuddles.

It was 2:30 in the morning by the time we got home and despite being in work the next day, I was happy, as I had a really great night with amazing people.

I can’t wait to make more memories with these people and for Bella to move to the UK full time! I can see us being best friends… and I am totally okay with that!

Frankie and Benny’s: A Review!

Frankie and Benny’s: A Review!

So, my original birthday plans fell to pieces and we ended up going to Frankie and Benny’s for a meal instead of our original choice ‘The Old Post Office’.

When we arrived we were greeted by a very friendly member of staff, who then served us throughout our time there. He guided us to a lovely little table for two and left us to have a look at the menu. After some careful consideration, I decided to have the Spaghetti Bolognese and a Chocolate Milkshake. Jacob picked Frankie and Benny’s ‘special ‘meatballs and they looked delicious!

The meals did not take long to arrive at the table and we were definitely not disappointed with our choices. They were presented beautifully and they tasted just as good as they looked! The waiter brought over some parmesan cheese for our meals… we wish we could have had all of it, but we did say ‘stop’ eventually!

Whilst we were enjoying our meal, we could not help but notice the music playing in the restaurant. It was fairly loud, but not too much and the songs were a great choice too (in my opinion). The atmosphere was very relaxing and I felt very comfortable there.


The chocolate milkshake was simple, yet to die for! It was one of the nicest milkshakes I have tasted in a long time. And the bolognese was really filling, I could not finish all of it on my own.

We were offered a dessert menu after our meal, but we simply would not have been able to manage another course. I will make a note to starve myself prior to our next visit so I can have a full 3-course meal there.

The overall price of the meals was not bad at all, it worked out at less than £15 each for a drink and a main meal! Though I escaped the bill this time with it being my birthday treat.

I will definitely visit Frankie and Benny’s again in the future. The service was great, the food was delicious and the atmosphere was lovely.

I would give our visit 4 out of 5 stars. Which I am sure would definitely have been 5 stars if we had eaten dessert and indulged in cocktails!

*We visited the Southport restaurant: You can check out their menu here!

My 23rd Birthday

My 23rd Birthday

The night before my birthday my mum and dad let me have my present from them! It was a new phone! Finally, a good, working phone with a decent camera! Those of you who know me will know that I dropped my other phone down the toilet on Christmas Eve, so I had been using an old one which worked, but it was very slow and could not do much, other than call and text.  I was so happy to finally have a new phone, I don’t think I put it down for the rest of the evening.

Sadly I was at work until 8 pm on my birthday, so I was not expecting to have a very good day. However, not long after starting my shift one of my colleagues handed me a gift bag full of lovely presents! I really was not expecting to receive anything from work so it was a very nice surprise. The gift bag had lots of my favourite bath/shower products inside along with a lovely bar of chocolate and a voucher to spend in Boots.

Whilst I was on my break in work, I received a text from my mum, asking me what I had ordered from Amazon. I was a bit confused as I do not tend to order from Amazon (other than for my kindle), so I replied saying I had not bought anything and that she could open it to see what it was. A couple of minutes later I received a picture. The suspicious parcel was a birthday present from my soul sister Rachel (AKA BurtsBowl). It was an essential oil diffuser; something me and Rach had spoken about a long time ago! It slowly releases gentle fragrances throughout the day, you can buy different oils to use and they each ‘do’ different things; from calming the mind and helping you sleep, to making you feel more energised and motivated. I cannot wait to try it out.

My shift went by fairly quickly and before I knew it Jacob was picking me up. We stopped off at my house on the way to his so that I could pick up my present from my little brother and collect my bags to take to Jakes with me.
My brother got me a beautiful pinafore dress and a Jack Wills tote bag with a notebook, pen, lip balm and body spray inside!  I can’t wait to wear my dress for my birthday date night with Jake on Saturday.

When we got to Jakes house, his mum had made my favourite tea (sausage, cheesy mash and beans!) and she passed me a birthday card which had £30 Boots vouchers inside! I am going to buy myself some Missguided perfume and some make-up products when I next visit the store. Jake then came downstairs with a gift bag overflowing with presents! I opened it up to find a gorgeous baby pink handbag and matching purse inside, with Cherry Blossom Yankee candles, an adorable sleep mask and some Cadburys cookies! I couldn’t wait to use my new bag and purse.

Jake had also bought me a day ticket for Leeds Festival! We will be going to the Sunday line-up featuring Post Malone and Twenty One Pilots. There are a few other people coming with us and I cannot wait to be there. Such a shame we have to wait until the end of August, but hopefully, the weather will be much warmer than it is at the moment.


On top of these beautiful presents, Jacob also surprised me with a cute birthday cake too! I was not expecting a cake, so this was really lovely. And it was delicious too! I also received a bottle of Absolute Vodka from Jacobs brother Ollie and his girlfriend Beth, a bottle of champagne with cocktail truffles and sausage dog hand warmers from Jacobs Nan, Carol and some money inside cards from various family members.

Beth also made some adorable homemade cupcakes, with pink frosting and edible daisy’s on top for decoration. They looked absolutely incredible and they tasted just as good. There was plenty to go around, but it is safe to say they did not last very long!

After tea, me and Jake went upstairs to watch a movie (Wreak It Ralph Break The Internet). It was a great film and we both really enjoyed it. To be honest it was much better than what I expected it to be and I am hoping they bring out a third movie in the future.


The day after was Quiz Night! There was 8 of us this week as Anthony’s girlfriend Bella was there to join us! We did not win the quiz, although Bella won the line and the full house on the Music Bingo, so we all received £10 each which was good! Although Anthony was not impressed as he has never won the bingo and Bella won on Monday night and Thursday night 😂

After the quiz, Me, Jake, Dale, Meg, Emma and Wesley went to Bolton Cinema to watch the midnight release of Captain Marvel. Wesley paid for my ticket as a birthday treat which was lovely! The movie was amazing, we all really enjoyed it and it definitely got us all excited to watch Infinity War: End Game later this year. 

The film was jam-packed with action as well as having comical bits in there too and the storyline was brilliant. I would definitely give this movie 4* out of 5. I may even watch it again before watching End Game. And Bolton cinema is incredibly comfy, with reclining leather chairs and your own little tables for your snacks! You could not ask for better comfort.

Overall, I had a really nice day for my birthday and I am so grateful to all of my friends and family for the lovely gifts, cards and messages! I can’t wait for my meal with Jake on Saturday (there will be a review!) and for next weekend when we hit the town with friends for endless amounts of alcohol and dancing to celebrate




Delta Force Paintball

Delta Force Paintball

Today (23.03.19), I went paintballing for the very first time…

I have never felt such a strange combination of fear and excitement in all my life; until today. There were ten of us who decided that paintballing would be a fun sociable activity and before I had the chance to back out, it was booked and paid for. A full day of paintballing madness at Delta Force Paintball in Knowsley. This would consist of at least 12 games of paintballing spread across a variety of different ‘maps’… that’s right… 12 games!!

When the day arrived, we woke up at 6:30 am to prepare for the long day ahead of us. Jake was driving one of the cars, and decided to make a pitstop at Subway for breakfast to get us going!
When we arrived at Delta Force at 9 am, we were quickly equipped with our armour and directed to our base camp (after signing our waiver forms of course!) At this point, my heart was racing.
After putting on our body armour and overalls, we headed over to the little booth to purchase our paintballs. They were priced at £9.99 for 100 balls, but there were multi-buy offers on too. Me, Jake, Megan and Dale chose an offer for 2000 paintballs for £140 and split the cost between us. So we received 500 paintballs each for £35, saving £15.

After we had sorted out our bags and coats into lockers, a member of staff came round with coloured tape and taped our left arms. We were all on the brown team. Then over a microphone, we heard the brown and green teams being called to battle! We put on our helmets and filled up our ammo and headed over to the arena area. The staff checked everyone’s helmets were secured before letting us past, then we were handed our guns and we made our way to the first map and game of the day.

Although we arrived as a group of 10, there were other people that were assigned to our team. Roughly there were 20 people per team.
When we arrived at the first map, the staff members explained the objective of the game. There was a small wooden church built in the centre of the map, inside the church was a rubber head. The aim of the game was to retrieve the head from the church and place it on the opponent’s podium. The teams started the game at either end of the arena and the staff counted down from 3…2…1!

That mixture of fear and excitement washed over me again. I started to run, hiding behind obstacles along the way. I could hear bullets hitting the wooden post that I was crouched behind… they knew I was here. I slowly peered around the side, spotted the enemy and aimed my gun in their direction. I fired a couple of rounds, they looked around to see where the fire was coming from. I fired some more, trying as hard as I could to hit them just once! Then they spotted me. A dozen bullets were fired towards me, each hitting the board protecting my body. When it went quiet, I peered around once more and shot again; this time I did not miss! Victory for me! It felt strangely good to have got someone out of the game.

We had 3 rounds on this map, lasting around 4-5 minutes each. The brown team won every game! The boys were on a roll, throwing themselves on the floor, rolling around in the mud, diving behind obstacles, running in all guns blazing. It was great seeing them having so much fun, they were definitely in their element.

Meanwhile, me and Megan fired at the enemy from a hidden, safe distance…

After the first game, we were taken back to base camp for a quick 10-minute break before heading into battle again. Whilst we were waiting, our attention was drawn to the leader board. The brown team was in the lead by 20+ points! Although we were playing the green team throughout the day, the scoreboard had all of the teams on there.  When we took a look at how well the other teams were playing, we noticed that our team was top of them all! We were smashing it!

The ten-minute breaks in between each game went by so fast! But it was nice to be able to take off the helmets every now and again. Overall we played 12 rounds of paintball, with various objectives given to us throughout. Some games were more fun than others, but overall we had a great time! I also slowly became a little more courageous as the day went by, pushing forward with Jake and getting more involved. I had a lot of fun.

Some of the boys took some awful shots, leaving them bruised and sore… but that didn’t stop them from fighting till the end!
Jacob took a hit straight to the throat, he fell to the ground and was shot again in the arm! But he still got up and took part in the next game like a true warrior.

I was shot in the butt twice, leaving a rather red and sore lump. Once in the calf, which instantly bruised and once in the foot which slowly became more and more painful as the hours went on.

Megan was shot in the thigh by Dale… who was on our team! Friendly fire does not get you out of the game, so she had no choice but to keep fighting!

Anthony shared a picture with the group that evening, showing his arm. There were lots of marks all up his arm, making him look like a leopard. He did take hundreds of shots at the end of the day… as we told the staff it was his birthday and they made him stand in the middle of the arena whilst the rest of the team shot at him! The worst part about this was that his birthday is not until July!

I do think I would go again in the future! The staff were great, the games were fun and the weather was perfect for it too!

I would highly recommend Delta Force Paintball! Though I suggest taking a packed lunch if you are planning to do a full day there and be prepared for pain… as the paintballs do leave bruises! But despite the pain, you cannot help but laugh.

Check out their website Here!